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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Obama Gets a Bump

Gallup's Frank Newport reports:
President Barack Obama's job approval rating is at 48% for Dec. 27-29, the highest three-day average since Aug. 21-23, 2013. Obama's disapproval rating is also 48%, and this marks the first time his approval-disapproval gap has not been negative since September of 2013.
Obama's job approval rating has been trending up in general in recent weeks, averaging 45% for the week ending Dec. 21 and 44% for the week ending Dec. 28. These are all above his overall average for 2014 so far of 42%.
Some of this uptick is due to higher ratings among Hispanics, who reacted favorably to Obama's actions on immigration announced in November. Some of it may reflect his recent announcement concerning the restoration of relations with Cuba. Some may reflect Americans' increasingly positive views of the economy and jobs picture. And some may be a "Christmas" bump, reflecting Americans' more charitable attitudes in and around the Christmas season.