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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Palin's Problems

Sarah Palin came out of the 2008 election with some political challenges, and things have not gotten better for her lately. From AP's Anne Sutton:
In her home state, she's drawn fire from Republican legislators on the state's use of federal stimulus funds, from Democrats on her state Senate nominee and from Alaska Natives for her choice for attorney general.
As Andy Barr suggests in The Politico, she's had trouble at the national level as well.
A seemingly unending series of public relations gaffes has Sarah Palin loyalists frustrated and worried she is diminishing her stature. And they blame an inner circle they say is composed of not-ready-for-primetime players.
If she aspires to a seat in the Senate or a return appearance on a national ticket, these problems are serious. The best way for her to recover is simply to do a good job as governor. The worst way is to keep complaining about her treatment in the 2008 campaign.

UPDATE: Josh Putnam's comment below makes an important point: Palin's standing in Alaska is still good enough for her to recover from her current trouble. But she is not helping herself by airing her family woes.

UPDATE: And those woes just keep getting worse.