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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Crossroads GPS Application to the IRS

Pro Publica reports:
In a confidential 2010 filing, Crossroads GPS — the dark money group that spent more than $70 million from anonymous donors on the 2012 election — told the Internal Revenue Service that its efforts would focus on public education, research and shaping legislation and policy.
The group's application for recognition as a social welfare nonprofit acknowledged that it would spend money to influence elections, but said "any such activity will be limited in amount, and will not constitute the organization's primary purpose."
Politico picks up the story:
In its filing, Crossroads GPS said it would spend 20 percent on research; 50 percent on “public education” for issues including the national debt, health care, immigration and energy – including paid advertising and policy studies; and 30 percent “to influence legislation and policymaking,” including public communications and building grassroots efforts through “paid advertising, mailings, e-mails and web-based advocacy tools.”
Earlier that year, the group told donors their contributions would be used to research congressional Democrats’ “expense account” and to frame the BP oil spill as “Obama’s Katrina.”
According to a concept paper distributed to wealthy Republicans donors, Crossroads GPS said it planned to build a “micro-team(s) of researchers and polling professionals” and “list development professionals and direct contact (mail/phones) consultants” to develop and disseminate “hard-hitting issue advocacy” attack Democrats by “exposing ObamaCare” as well as “the great ‘stimulus’ rip-off” and “the new federal bureaucrat elite – paid for by struggling private sector families.”
Crossroads GPS has, in fact, been doing post-election issue advertising and did so in 2011.