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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, March 6, 2015

A Very Bad Choice by Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee has severely undermined his own credibility by becoming a pitchman.  Last month, Max Brantley reported at The Arkansas Times:
My ears did not deceive me. I DID hear Mike Huckabee in a radio ad this morning extolling the benefits of the "diabetes solution kit," purported to be a "natural" solution to diabetes.
It appears to include a video about healthy habits, most of which can be found for free at numerous websites, and a tout of herbal supplements, such as cinnamon. Barton Publishing has been around selling this 'solution' for a processing fee, add-on charge and subsequent pitches for additional items since at least 2012.
The full news release of Huck's involvement is on the jump. It quotes Huckabee as saying he's "fit as a fiddle" and said he'd used the "techniques" in the diabetes solution kit to lose 110 pounds and reverse his Type 2 diabetes after a diagnosis in 2004.
The news release adds:
Huckabee admits he has put back some of the weight recently, but is working on losing the pounds again.
"The only way I know to achieve this is by making the right food choices and engaging in simple exercises," he said.
"I may not run for president again. And I may not get to be Governor again. But I definitely won't be a victim of diabetes again. There's simply no reason for it," he said.
I can't think of another presidential candidate working in spare time as a radio pitch man for natural health cures — for a "nominal fee." Can you? Here's a website that contains some unhappy customer reports about Barton publishing.
See another website with customer reports. 

This is not the first time he has engaged in moneymaking and campaigning at the same time.  In the 2008 race, he kept making paid speeches.

Moreover, his PAC has paid $400,000 to family members.

Such activity feeds the narrative that he is a profiteer.