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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Senate Leadership Fund

Leigh Ann Caldwell reports at NBC:
Republican mega-donors continue to put their money not behind their presidential nominee but into super PACs focused on keeping the Senate and House in Republican hands.
The Senate Leadership Fund, a super PAC linked to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Karl Rove-founded super PAC American Crossroads, raised an impressive $28 million in August, according to new filings to the Federal Election Commission. Most of the large-dollar donors to the super PAC are Republicans uneasy about their party's nominee and worried that he's dragging down the party's chances of keeping control of the Senate.
Senate Leadership Fund plans to spend $60 million on television advertisements through November 2, a massive sum for one Senate-focused super PAC. The group's counterpart that played the same role in 2012, American Crossroads, raised just $7 million the August before the election - and just $37 million total for the entire cycle.
Beyond the Adelsons, the Senate Leadership Fund's roster of support is full of mega-donors who don't support Trump.

New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer, who is #NeverTrump, gave $1 million to the Senate-focused super PAC in August. Other #NeverTrump Republican mega-donors who contributed in August include Arkansas' Warren Stephens, who gave $500,000, Illinois' Samuel Zell, who gave $250,000, and William Oberndorf of California, who gave $100,000.