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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Giuliani and the Fifth

GIULIANI: She did tremendous damage by taking the Fifth Amendment, because she raised now the reality that there is some, possibility of criminality here.
CAVUTO: Lois Lerner is taking an administrative leave, we're told. I guess what I am asking you is, they need whistle-blowers or people in the know to come forward, do you think those deals are coming together?
GIULIANI: Absolutely.
CAVUTO: You do.
GIULIANI: If you have a special prosecutor, you are going to see it happen real fast. Because people are going to start getting worried. Maybe the buck is going to stop with me, and I'm going to get prosecuted. So if we can get a special prosecutor, I think this thing will --
CAVUTO: Do you think we will?
GIULIANI: I think we will. I think we are going to have to, because it is getting way too complicated. Her invocation of the Fifth Amendment took this to a different dimension, and probably she waived her Fifth Amendment right to take a pass on answering any questions. This is like somebody on trial getting up, standing up and saying, I'm innocent, I didn't do it, and then refusing to answer any questions on cross- examination by the prosecution. The minute you get up and you start testifying, you at least open the door to the things you testified about. And by saying she's innocent, she basically opened the door to everything.