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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
New book about the 2020 election.

Friday, July 6, 2018

A Bonkers Speech

  In Defying the Oddswe discuss Russian involvement in the 2016 campaign.

Remarks in Great Falls, Montana, July 5:
So anytime I suggest anything -- so we've got $33 billion -- it's going to be a lot more money than that. But then they say, let's see, he's angry at NATO. I guess, yeah, he loves Russia. I love Russia. I will say this, I am meeting with President Putin next week and getting along -- let me tell you, getting along with Russia and getting along with China and getting along with other countries is a good thing. It's not a bad thing. It's a good thing.
"Will he be prepared? Will he be prepared?" And I might even end up having a good relationship, but they're going, "Will President Trump be prepared? You know, President Putin is KGB and this and that." You know what? Putin's fine. He's fine. We're all fine. We're people.

Will I be prepared? Totally prepared. I've been preparing for this stuff my whole life. They don't say that.
A vote for the Democrats in November is a vote to let MS-13 run wild in our communities.

To let drugs pour into our cities, and to take jobs and benefits away from our hardworking Americans, and we're not letting it happen.

Democrats want anarchy, they really do, and they don't know who they're playing with, folks.

I said it the other day, yes, she is a low IQ individual, Maxine Waters. I said it the other day. High -- I mean, honestly, she's somewhere in the mid-60s, I believe that.