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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Crossroads GPS in Another NY House Race

Politico reports on a Crossroads GPS ad in a New York House race:
As questions swirl about whether deep-pocketed GOP super PACs will shift their focus to congressional races, we’ve learned that American Crossroads [sic] is placing a heavy buy in a hard-fought upstate New York House race.
Crossroads GPS is spending more than $460,000 to air a TV ad hammering Democratic congressional candidate Julian Schreibman, who’s trying to unseat freshman GOP Rep. Chris Gibson, over Medicare.
The TV ad is only Crossroads’ second in a House race. Last week, it began airing a spot hitting New York Rep. Tim Bishop, who’s embroiled in a rematch with Republican Randy Altschuler.
So far Crossroads has refrained from making a nationwide investment to help defend the GOP’s 25-seat majority – a purchase that Republican strategists privately say they would like to see soon.
On Thursday, another Republican-friendly group, the Chamber of Commerce, purchased around $3 million of TV time in California, a major House battleground.