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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, May 3, 2013

OFA Falls Short in Advocacy -- Again

Politico reports on Organizing for Action:
OFA’s pledge to punish senators who voted against gun control was the first big test of the group’s reach — and, undoubtedly, a difficult one, given that many of the senators voting no were in deep-red states where Obama lost badly. Even measured against those odds, there are almost no successes to point to: The group didn’t sway a single vote for the background check proposal, and so far, it hasn’t been able to make any of those who voted against it feel any heat.
Even in states Obama carried handily — places like Ohio and New Hampshire — the group couldn’t hold big rallies, blanket the airwaves with TV ads or motivate enough supporters to match the volume of phone calls from pro-gun advocates. Asked for demonstrations of the strong effort they were mounting, OFA staff pointed to “tweet your senator” pushes they encouraged in the days after the vote.
Organizing for America, its predecessor group, had similar problems.