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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, February 28, 2014

Acknowledging Oppo

Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star mentions the Milton Wolf x-ray fiasco, then appears to acknowledge where his paper got information for another anti-Wolf story:
Also this week, The Star wrote about a lawsuit in which a former employee accused Alliance Radiology — Wolf is a partner in the firm — of a “price-fixing scheme” designed to prevent competition and drive up costs for services such as MRI diagnoses.
The Roberts campaign quickly suggested that Wolf is more into profits than patients, which Wolf denied.
This is what opposition research, often leaked to the press, does.
The timing was exquisite. It came as Wolf continued to raise questions about Roberts’ residency, or lack of it, in Kansas.
Now the residency story is off the rails — replaced by Wolf’s Facebook fiasco. Wolf needed to run a nearly perfect campaign and present himself as an almost perfect candidate to beat a longtime incumbent.
Now Sebelius’ prospects look much better than Wolf’s.
ABC News Radio reports:
In essence, some Tea Party candidates may fail to net victories in their most coveted races this year because despite the trappings of a mature political operation, they are still far behind in some key but basic areas of the modern campaign: candidate vetting and opposition research.
One of the groups that have drawn the ire of establishment Republicans for backing Tea Party challengers to incumbent Republicans is the Madison Project, which endorsed Bevin, Wolf, and several other Republicans who in recent weeks have struggled on the campaign trail.
Daniel Horowitz, the group’s political director, said that the hallmark of a Tea Party candidate is actually that they aren’t polished politicians with whitewashed backgrounds. But he acknowledged that despite efforts to better support candidates this year, the movement is clearly still falling short.
"It clearly is necessary," said Horowitz of the need for Tea Party candidates to compete with opposition research.
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