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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
New book about the 2020 election.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Braley's Bad Buzz

From Buzzfeed:
Bruce Braley is a Democratic congressman and candidate for Senate in Iowa.
He recently called the state’s Republican senator Chuck Grassley a “farmer” with no law degree.
Then Braley sent out a press release touting his farmer credentials and the Des Moines Register found that it misspelled several basic farming terms like “detasseling” and “baling.”
A photo he posted to Facebook is actually a farm in England, NOT Iowa.

TripAdvisor lists the farm as a fruit farm in England and an employee of the farm named Sonya confirmed to BuzzFeed the photo was of Cammas Fruit Farm.
It has since been taken down:
A Google search shows, however, it is the first result that comes up when you search for “Iowa farm.”
Another photo on Braley’s Facebook page, the display image for a poll on the minimum wage, featured a worker in Mazatlan, Mexico, NOT the U.S.
America Rising provides a final kick:
In an attempt to shake off the elitist moniker he’s been cultivating, Bruce Braley today told The Des Moines Register that being a lawyer was just like being a farmhand:
“One of my highest honors as a lawyer was being invited into the home of my clients to share a meal. To me, it was no different than putting up hay all day in Poweshiek County and sitting down to dinner at noon with the farm family I was helping that day.”
Good attempt, Bruce Braley, Esq, but client power-lunches are not the same as a family meal after a day on the farm.