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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
New book about the 2020 election.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Kevin Hanley

Declaration of interest: Kevin is my daughter's godfather.

He is a Republican candidate in California's 6th Assembly District.  Here is his ballot statement:

Kevin Hanley Age: 57
Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, Auburn Chamber of Commerce

Education and Qualifications: California’s Legislature is waging war on hard-­‐ working families and retirees. As a former Surface Warfare Officer aboard aircraft carrier USS Midway, I learned to fight back with all guns blazing and use those leadership skills to reform government.

I’m endorsed by Conservative Congressman Tom McClintock.

I’m the only candidate with a proven record of enacting conservative, pro-­‐taxpayer and public safety reforms.

I’m the only candidate that enhanced residents’ safety. I created a fire safe council, challenged the negligent federal government and created the award-­‐winning “Project Canyon Safe” to save our town from catastrophic fire.

While Auburn’s Mayor and Councilman, I enacted 12 balanced budgets and cost-­‐ saving pension reforms; fought tax increases; banned corrupt use of eminent domain against small businesses and homeowners, and kicked out pot shops.

As CEO of a local chamber of commerce with over 500 small businesses, I will champion high-­‐wage jobs.

My experience as Governor Wilson’s Insurance Advisor and 24 years as Chief Legislative Advisor on health and insurance has prepared me to replace Obamacare mandates with reforms to lowerout-­‐of-­‐pocket expenses and expand choice of physicians and treatments.

At, see videos on how I will fight to fix the broken and corrupt legislature with transparency and accountability reforms, lower crime and illegal immigration, cut taxes and burdensome regulations, reduce college costs, protect our water rights, support veterans, reduce traffic congestion and end the Train to Nowhere boondoggle.

I would be honored by your vote to fight for hard-­‐working families and retirees of Placer County.