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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
New book about the 2020 election.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trump Wins Super Tuesday, But...

Jonathan Last writes at The Weekly Standard:
The single most shocking number from Super Tuesday might have been this poll showing voter awareness about various aspects of Trump: Only 27 percent had heard about his reluctance to denounce David Duke and the KKK; 20 percent about Trump University and the fraud lawsuit; 13 percent about the failure of Trump Mortgage.

At some point, those numbers will all be at 90 percent because someone will spend a lot of money putting ads about them all over television in battleground states. The only question is whether it will be conservatives or Hillary Clinton who expose voters to this information. Either way, it suggests that Trump still has the potential for downward mobility if conservative donors are serious about stopping him.
Andrew Kaczynski reports at Buzzfeed:
In his speech after his victory on Super Tuesday Republican frontrunner Donald Trump said he’d American jobs from moving overseas and win minority votes by bringing jobs back.
“I’m going to do great with virtually every group,” stated Trump. “The reason is I’m going to bring jobs back.”
Back in the days of Trump’s blog on the website of his now-defunct Trump University website, however, he wrote a post in defense of outsourcing titled, “Outsourcing Creates Jobs in the Long Run.”
“We hear terrible things about outsourcing jobs — how sending work outside of our companies is contributing to the demise of American businesses,” wrote Trump. “But in this instance I have to take the unpopular stance that it is not always a terrible thing.”
“I understand that outsourcing means that employees lose jobs,” continued Trump. “Because work is often outsourced to other countries, it means Americans lose jobs. In other cases, nonunion employees get the work. Losing jobs is never a good thing, but we have to look at the bigger picture.”