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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, March 25, 2016

When You've Sunk Low Enough to Lose Michael Savage...

Andrew Kirell writes at The Daily Beast:
Donald Trump is the candidate fighting to keep women safe from terrorism. That’s how campaign spokesman Stephen Miller defended the GOP frontrunner’s shameful retweet of a sexist meme comparing Heidi Cruz to Melania Trump—stunning a CNN host in the process.

Late Wednesday evening, Trump approvingly retweeted a supporter’s message showing side-by-side images of Heidi and Melania with the caption: “No need to ‘spill the beans,’ the images are worth a thousand words.”

The chauvinistic attack was the latest in a feud that started Tuesday evening when Trump threatened to reveal information about his rival Ted Cruz’s wife in response to an unaffiliated anti-Trump super PAC’s ad mocking Melania Trump for having once posed nude in GQ. For his part, Cruz has refused to actively engage Trump in the race to sexualize each other's wives.
World Net Daily reports:
One of Donald Trump's most ardent supporters says he may walk away from the billionaire over the alleged "sex scandal" story published by the National Enquirer on Thursday.
Radio host Michael Savage told his listeners on Friday that Trump's ties to National Enquirer CEO David Pecker raises red flags as to who started rumors claiming Sen. Ted Cruz cheated on his wife, Heidi, with five women. The "Savage Nation" host said Pecker is known to fly on Trump's jet from New York to Florida, which is why the Republican front-runner must condemn the story. (The relevant portion of audio begins at 1:40).

"He should get rid of this connection, because this is not going to help him at all. This is utter garbage and Cruz is rightly offended," Savage said. "I've supported Trump and probably still will, but if he won't disavow this guy Pecker and this story, I may withdraw my support from anyone in this campaign. ... I am not going to support anyone who engages in assassination by innuendo."
Amy Chozick and Trip Gabriel report at the New York Times:
“I want Donald Trump to talk every single day for the rest of this election,” said Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida, the chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee. “He just needs to keep spewing what he has been spewing.”
Although Mrs. Clinton will present herself as a protector of women, the political strategy is more about math than morality.
Mr. Trump has shown a particular weakness among female voters, who favored Mrs. Clinton 55 percent to 35 percent in a New York Times/CBS News poll released this week, twice the gender gap of the 2012 presidential election, when President Obama defeated Mitt Romney. And 31 percent of Republican women said they would be upset if Mr. Trump were the party’s nominee, according to the most recent CNN/ORC poll.