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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, May 15, 2016

HRC Channels LBJ on Nukes

At The Daily Beast, P.J. O'Rourke writes: "Like a toddler in a home with a loaded handgun, sooner or later Donald will find the briefcase with the nuclear launch codes."

Evelyn Rupert reports at The Hill:
Hillary Clinton took aim at GOP rival Donald Trump while campaigning in Kentucky on Sunday, reviving her characterization of him as a "loose cannon."

"I’ve never heard such reckless, risky talk from somebody about to be a nominee for president that I’ve heard from Donald Trump when it comes to nuclear weapons. For 70 years Democrats and Republicans alike, we’ve done everything we could to prevent more countries from having nuclear weapons," Clinton said at an event in Louisville. "And along comes Donald Trump and says, well, he doesn’t really care, let them all have nuclear weapons. He says he would use nuclear weapons."
Trump has come under fire for suggesting that he would allow Japan and South Korea to have nuclear weapons.

"This is scary, dangerous talk. This is the talk of a loose cannon who is making statements and creating confusion. We can’t afford that. We need to keep the country on the right track and we have to keep the world as stable as possible," Clinton said.
Clinton is channeling the attacks the LBJ used against Goldwater (below).  The trouble is that the 1964 ads aired just two years after the Cuban Missile Crisis.  But 52 more years have elapsed, and memories of that crisis have faded.