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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Check and Balance

From MSNBC "First Read," a key phrase:
Perhaps the strongest argument the GOP made on “Meet” was this: Republicans in control of Congress will be a check and balance on the Obama White House. “I think what people are looking for … are checks and balances,” Cornyn said. “They've had single party government, and it's scaring the living daylights out of them.” As it turns out, our NBC/WSJ poll from May showed a whopping 62% preferring different parties controlling the White House and Congress. And as National Journal’s Ron Brownstein noted in his Friday column, that preference has played out over the last 40 years. “Since 1968, neither party has simultaneously controlled the White House and Congress for more than four consecutive years.” The "check" argument is most powerful with indie voters, who personally may have a favorable opinion of the president but have been disappointed in his policies. The "check" allows Republicans to make the pitch to a voter who isn't ready to give up on Obama's presidency but wants to send him a message.
In the race to succeed Joe Sestak in PA, the GOP candidate picks up the theme:
“While Bryan Lentz will be rubber stamp for Nancy Pelosi’s agenda in Congress, Pat Meehan will serve as a check and balance on some of the liberal policies being pushed through Congress,” said Bryan Kendro, Meehan’s campaign manager.
“I’m proud to stand with the NFIB and their 10,000 small-business members in Florida,” said Rubio. “Small businesses need a voice in Washington who will be a check-and-balance against the policies that are taking our country in the wrong direction and putting up obstacles to job creation."

[Rehberg political director Evan] Wilson said that while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., “and the leftist establishment in Washington continue their reckless spending sprees, Montanans all across the state realize we need Denny now more than ever to serve as a check and balance to out-of-control government.”

Coats' spokesman Kevin Kellems said Hoosiers are contributing to Coats’ campaign to serve as a check and balance on the Democratic-controlled Congress and the White House.