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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

CA: Poizner on John & Ken

It can't be good for Meg Whitman that her primary opponent is criticizing her on John & Ken. From the SF Chronicle's politics blog:

In the latest installment of an intra-GOP feud taking place over the radio airwaves, state Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner said on Friday that Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman, who defeated Poizner in the primary, "needs to crystalize her thinking. She can't have it both ways on all these issues that are very controversial."

Here are some excerpts from his interview on the Southern California radio show John and Ken (although Ken was not there today):

On Whitman's nuanced campaign platform, which some see as flip-flopping:

"Meg Whitman has the potential of being a great candidate if she would focus in on both sweeping reforms without hedging and focus on what really needs to get fixed, whether it's popular or not in her initial polling, in order to solve some of these really crucuial problems here in California."

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