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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, August 20, 2010

CA: WebWar

As the FPPC ponders new regulations, Whitman and Brown are using the web weapons at hand. California Watch reports: would have you believe Brown’s life amounts to nothing but “a career politician with a legacy of broken promises and failure.” barely stops short of calling Whitman a pathological liar, with Brown spokesman Sterling Clifford explaining the site exists because “Whitman is either incapable or unwilling to tell the truth about Jerry Brown, California or herself. If she won’t, we will.”

Unveiling his Myths website last week marked Brown’s first foray into specialized campaign websites outside of his main page, and the most recent in a long string of campaign websites rolled out by the candidates – the vast majority from Whitman’s camp.

Whitman’s website-building pace far outstrips that of Brown, having rolled out sites targeting women, students, nurses, Latinos, and Chinese-speaking voters, in addition to maintaining her primary site.

Both candidates for governor openly support their respective attack website and interpretation of the facts, plastering a little “Paid for by …” box at the bottom of each site. Brown’s snarky Myths website borders on kitsch, with a garish likeness of Whitman shoveling money into a television, while Whitman’s doesn’t stray far from traditional campaign web design.