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Divided We Stand
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CA: Spending in the Governor's Race

Some media takes on campaign spending in California:

"What I have designed is a campaign that is designed to win."

That was Meg Whitman last week on ABC's Good Morning America, when asked about her high spending campaign for governor. She's used variations on that theme in the past when asked the same question. Tonight, we've got a new glimpse at what Whitman designed: an effort funded by a colossus of cash that may break even some national records for a non-presidential effort.

Today's filing with the Secretary of State's office (PDF) shows a total of $100.3 million spent by the former eBay leader's gubernatorial campaign since she launched the effort in 2009, and $80.8 million of that total spent in the first six months of 2010.

On the contributions side, Whitman has self-funded her effort so far to the tune of $91 million. As of June 30, she had $10 million left in the bank.

"Meg doesn't owe anyone anything," said spokeswoman Sarah Pompei in an emailed statement. "She is running a smart, strategic campaign designed to win and has invested the necessary resources to ensure California voters know the truth about her plans…"

Los Angeles Times:
GOP gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman was spending more each day on her campaign by early summer than her Democratic rival, Jerry Brown, had spent all year, according to disclosure statements filed with the state Monday.

The reports, which cover the candidates' expenditures in the five-week period ending June 30, show that Whitman spent $19.7 million in that short span, or $531,378 per day — most of it after the June 8 primary election. Brown, who had no major opposition in the primary, has spent $377,000 since the beginning of the year.

GOP candidate for governor Meg Whitman outspent Democratic opponent Jerry Brown by 86-1 in a five-week period ending June 30, according to financial reports filed Monday with the secretary of state.

Whitman spent an average of about $4 million a week during the period to secure her June 8 victory against Steve Poizner, her GOP primary challenger, and launch an early offensive against Brown for the general-election campaign.