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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Twitter Primary

At The Washington Examiner, Hugh Hewitt writes about the Twitter power of potential GOP presidential candidates.
We won't know until three years from now what percentage of Twitter followings as of Dec. 13 turned into actual campaign activists or contributors, but there is no reason not to think that the "Twitter followers" number doesn't mean something given the importance the MSM talking heads pay to their own running totals. These totals are at least a measure of the potential candidates' online efforts.
Here's the Twitterific facts on the Twitter primary as of that day. Where the potential candidate has more than one account, I used the higher number of the two (or three). I have also rounded to the thousand. Their relative rank in "Twitter power" follows their actual number of "followers."
Bolton: 108,000; 10
Bush: 101,000; 11
Christie: 420,000; 3
Cruz: 234,000; 6
Huckabee: 318,000; 5
Jindal: 143,000; 9
Kasich: 56,000; 13
King: 17,000; 16
Paul: 351,000; 4
Perry: 210,000; 8
Rubio: 475,000; 2
Ryan: 561,000; 1
Santorum: 222,000; 7
Snyder: 30,000; 14
Thune: 27,000; 15
Walker: 73,000; 12