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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Trump's Nazi Crime Nonsense

A day after a black activist was kicked and punched by voters at a Donald Trump rally in Alabama, Trump tweeted an image packed with racially loaded and incorrect murder statistics.
The image shows a masked, dark-skinned man with a handgun and a set of points, ostensibly about deaths in 2015:

"Blacks killed by whites -- 2%"
"Blacks killed by police -- 1%"
"Whites killed by police -- 3%"
"Whites killed by whites -- 16%"
"Whites killed by blacks -- 81%"
"Blacks killed by blacks -- 97%’
The image cites the "Crime Statistics Bureau - San Francisco"
None of the numbers are supported by official sources. The figures on black-on-white homicides and white-on-white homicides are wildly inaccurate. And, as several news organizations quickly noted, the "Crime Statistics Bureau" doesn’t exist. We looked for that agency as well and the closest we found in San Francisco were a number of crime scene clean-up services.
Little Green Footballs reports:
So let’s recap. The leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for president is tweeting absolute nonsense with a blatantly racist slant.
But where did this graphic come from? My first thought was that it must have originated at a white supremacist website like Stormfront, because it really is that bad. But neither Google Image search nor found it posted at any websites. Google Images did, however, find the earliest tweet in which this horrible racist image appeared:
(I saved a screenshot in case it suddenly goes missing.)

Here’s the bio of the person who posted it:

Notice that he’s an admirer of Hitler:
Should have listened to the Austrian chap with the little moustache.
And his avatar, that looks like a modified swastika, is the symbol of the neo-Nazi German Faith Movement.

So there you have it. Donald Trump is posting racist imagery that comes directly from neo-Nazis.