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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

CA: The Whitman Shoving Incident

At the San Francisco Chronicle, conservative columnist Debra Saunders keeps the Whitman shoving incident alive:

I've tried to get an explanation. Though given ample opportunity, Team Meg won't deny a physical element to the incident or do the other requisite things a campaign does to kill a bad story.

As a Republican, I want to know why Whitman did not disclose this story during the primary.

Did she tell campaign staff? I can't get an on-the-record answer, although the New York Times reported that Whitman's senior campaign adviser and eBay alum Henry Gomez was in the loop.

Maybe, as a political neophyte, Whitman does not understand that the people who support her have a right to know if she recently agreed to a legal settlement that could hurt GOP chances in November. In any event, she left GOP primary voters out of the loop.

"We knew about it a long time ago," [Brown spokesman Sterling] Clifford told me. "It's a well known incident in the business community in Silicon Valley." (He also denied that the Brown campaign had anything to do with the New York Times story.)

Face it: This story was bound to get out.