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Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds
New book about the 2016 election.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Romney Rollout

The Romney campaign is probably unhappy with this report from Politico's Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns:
No conversation about the former Massachusetts governor begins with a listing of his strengths as a candidate. Instead, Romney is the rare national politician defined largely by his shortcomings. The most prominent among them— his role in enacting a sweeping Massachusetts health care law exactly five years ago—was already being dissected by his Republican and Democratic opponents on Monday just moments after he announced he’s forming a presidential exploratory committee.

They go on to list five challenges:

  • Questions about his authenticity;
  • GOP opposition to his health-care law;
  • His Mormon faith;
  • His job-cutting corporate record;
  • His flip-flops on issues.

Yesterday, he announced his exploratory committee:

Conn Carroll reports at The Washington Examiner:
Team Romney chose an odd day to make the announcement to begin with. Five years ago today Romney signed the Massachusetts health care law that President Obama claims as a model for Obamacare. Choosing yesterday for his launch assured that virtually every article covering his announcement would mention the health care law that is deeply unpopular with GOP primary voters.

Perhaps Romney merely wanted to drown out a bad story with a good one, but as far as insiders are concerned his official entrance into the race was quickly overshadowed by news that Pawlenty had landed former Republican Governor’s Association executive director Nick Ayers as his campaign manager. At only 28 years old, Ayers already has an impressive electoral track record, helping the GOP gain a net seven governorships during his RGA tenure.

The Ayers hire is also a sign that MS Gov. Haley Barbour will not end up running.