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Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds
New book about the 2016 election.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Filling Gaps in the White House Website, Part 64

Bradley Watson of WFAA Dallas interviewed the president, who apparently was displeased with the way it went. (Transcript via The Examiner. The White House posted no text on its website.)

Watson: Why do you think you're so unpopular in Texas?

Obama: Well, look, the, uh, Texas has always been pretty, uh, uh, Republican state for uh, you know for historic reasons.

Watson voice-over:
However, he inferred his election meant Texas politics were changing.

: We, uh, lost by a few percentage points in Texas.

Watson: Aw, you, uh, well you lost about ten.

Well, I understand. If what you're telling me is that Texas is a conservative state, you're absolutely right.

Watson voice-over: Republican Governor Rick Perry frequently and harshly criticizes the president over the health care law, EPA regulations on Texas oil and gas industries and the budget. But Mr. Obama hinted at hypocrisy by Perry.

Obama: Governor Perry helped balance his budget with about $6 billion worth of federal help, that which he happily took and then started blaming, uh, the members of congress who had offered that help.

Watson voice-over: Houston Republicans and Democrats suspect the Obama administration skipped Houston to award shuttle orbiters to states that would help in the reelection.

That's wrong.

Watson: So was the shuttle not awarded to Houston because of politics?

I just said that was wrong. I had nothing to do with it. The White House had nothing to do with it. There was a whole commission, a whole process, that's how the decision was made.

Watson: You weren't personally involved in the decision?

Obama: I, uh, I just said that wasn't true.

Watson voice-over: He claimed an immigration reform bill still isn't dead.

Well, the question is gonna be are we gonna be able to find some Republicans who can partner with me and others to get this done once and for all instead of using it for a political football.

Watson voice-over:
And the president says he's not giving up on Texas.

Are you going to campaign in Texas for the reelection or is the state written off?

I never, uh, write-off any states. I, I, I never write off states and I love, uh, I love Texas. [looking away when he said he loved Texas]

Watson voice-over
: After the interview, Mr. Obama pointed out that he doesn't like an interviewer challenging his comment.

Obama: Let me finish my answers the next time we're doing this, alright?