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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Busy Crossroads Day

"From American Crossroads:
American Crossroads today called on Professor Elizabeth Warren to refund the campaign cash she bagged on Wall Street and to ask the Wall Street-funded Democrat Senate Committee to stop supporting her campaign. Warren previously refused to reject thefinancial support of the Wall Street-enriched Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC).
Professor Elizabeth Warren confirmed her abject hypocrisy when she disclosed accepting political cash from Wall Street despite her repeated cries against “Wall Street money” in politics. When asked about the source of her campaign funds by an audience member at a January 3rd event in Boston, Professor Warren admitted:
“…I do have donors on Wall Street…” (Robert Rizzuto, “Democratic U.S. Senate Challenger Elizabeth Warren Comes Out Swinging at Dorchester Town Hall Discussion,” The Springfield Republican, 01/03/2012)
Warren’s confession comes just days after she sent three fundraising emails at the close of the fundraising quarter which blasted “Wall Street funders,” “Wall Street backers,” “Wall Street financiers,” and “Wall Street and their armies of lobbyists” spending in political campaigns.
“Professor Warren’s hypocrisy continues as she denounces Wall Street campaign cash in her campaign’s fundraising emails yet openly takes money she bags on Wall Street into her own coffers,” said American Crossroads President and CEO Steven Law. “If Professor Warren had any integrity, she would refund these Wall Street contributions and at the same time ask the Wall Street-fueled DSCC to stop supporting her campaign.”
Meanwhile, at Crossroads GPS, Law spoke to another issue:
Barack Obama said he would change Washington, but he’s making it worse with backroom tactics and massive power grabs like recess-appointing Richard Corday. Obama’s backroom tactics and political maneuvering further proves he can’t lead, and can only play typical Washington games.
"Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid failed to generate the votes to confirm Mr. Corday to run the CFPB in December due to concerns about accountability and transparency. Today’s ‘recess appointment’ violates at least half a century of bipartisan constitutional consensus about when such appointments are legally permitted – as presidents of both parties have long agreed they are entirely inappropriate when the Senate is in recess for a short time.”