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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crossroads Ads in North Dakota and New Mexico

James Hohmann writes at Politico:
 The non-profit affiliate of the conservative American Crossroads Super PAC will go on the air again today against Heidi Heitkamp with another ad that seeks to tie her to President Obama. The 30-second spot begins with a clip of the Democratic Senate candidate proclaiming she’ll never vote to limit anyone’s care. “But Heidi endorsed Obamacare, bragging ‘It actually is a budget-saver,’” a female narrator interjects. “Obamacare cuts Medicare spending by $500 billion, gives unelected bureaucrats the power to restrict seniors care and millions of Americans could actually lose their existing health care.” This $180,000 statewide buy will carry a big punch across the prairie, and it comes ahead of the Supreme Court’s expected Thursday announcement on the constitutionality of the federal law.

Hohmann also reports that American Crossroads is again on the air in New Mexico:
 The super PAC is putting $184,000 behind another ad that introduces Republican Senate candidate Heather Wilson as “an independent voice for change.” A male narrator says the former congresswoman “stood up to both parties to cut wasteful Washington spending and supported lower taxes to let New Mexicans keep more of their hard-earned money.”