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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Steven Law Interview

Nancy Cordes of CBS interviews Steven Law, president of the America Crossroads and Crossroads GPS:
Steven Law: Between last year and this year we'll raise a total of $300 million dollars, we'll spend roughly two-thirds of that towards the presidential effort. However that will end up being dwarfed by what organized labor puts on the table so we think there will be a rough parity on both sides in terms of outside efforts on either side.

Nancy Cordes: Do you think conservative spending is going to be dwarfed by organized labor?

Steven Law: Certainly ours will be and I think if you take a look at--

Nancy Cordes: But if you add up all conservative groups together that's a different story, right?

Steven Law: I think if you put all our groups together and you put on the other side what labor unions, environmental groups, and other groups like that, the trial lawyers will spend on their side and I then think you compare overall spending by President Obama versus Mitt Romney I think it will not be tremendously out of whack on either side....

Nancy Cordes: You said recently that groups like yours coming in prevents this race from being a killing field for the Romney campaign and its fundraising, why do you say that?

Steven Law: Well during this period, we knew that President Obama was going to use his very substantial funding advantage to try to focus attention away from himself, away from his own record and onto Romney. And that's clearly what he's tried to do. Now our mission has been to just pull people back to the key problems and issues our country faces. And our viewpoint, which is that President Obama not only has failed to fix those problems but he's actually made things worse.