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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

American Crossroads in the Final Week

Mark Halperin writes at Time:
The outside groups supporting Mitt Romney have a shared sense that Obama’s need to make sure he protects Ohio leaves other states on his flank potentially vulnerable.
According to news accounts and a Republican source familiar with the outside group activity, Americans for Job Security went up with TV ads in Pennsylvania over the weekend, and Restore Our Future goes on the air there Tuesday.
And now both this source and Karl Rove speaking on Fox News Monday evening suggest American Crossroads just might also go on the Keystone State TV airwaves as early as Wednesday.
National Journal reports:
American Crossroads is going on the air in Nebraska for the final week of the Senate campaign, according to a source tracking media buys. It's a signal that Republicans are concerned about state Sen. Deb Fischer's prospects in the wake of recent polling showing a closer race with former Democratic Sen. Bob Kerrey.
Crossroads GPS had been on the air in Nebraska early in the campaign, targeting Kerrey shortly after the May primary. But polls over the spring and summer showed a big lead for Fischer in the Senate race, and a Fischer win has been considered very likely.
And American Crossroads airs a new presidential ad: