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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Monday, April 26, 2010

CA: DeVore's Senate Bid

Chuck DeVore has the problem of being a state legislator:
"Ballot titles matter a lot in California," DeVore told a Family Action PAC luncheon at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach. "They called me a California state assemblyman. That's like saying Chuck DeVore's a thief. My actual title is assemblyman/military reservist. In our internal polling, that change alone doubled my support, when people found out I was not merely a scum-sucking politician."

The candidate saw a glimmer of hope in a recent poll that showed him in a statistical tie with Fiorina for second place. The Capitol Weekly poll, the first independent survey to use his approved ballot title "assemblyman/military reservist," showed Campbell leading with 31%, Fiorina with 17% and DeVore with 14%, a statistical tie once the margin of error is factored in. Some 37% are undecided.
But a big problem is that he does not have enough money for TV ads.