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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

American Crossroads: Here Today, Here Tomorrow

American Crossroads and its non-profit companion, Crossroads GPS, just reported shelling out more than $3 million on Senate races last night. ...

Crossroads GPS:

  • PA-SEN (open, Specter): $267,000 in ads against Joe Sestak, D.
  • WA-SEN: $492,343 in ads against Sen. Patty Murray, D.
  • MO-SEN (open, Bond): $384,000 in ads against Robin Carnahan, D.

American Crossroads:

  • NV-SEN: $346,000 in ads against Sen. Harry Reid, D.
  • IL-SEN (open, Burris): $618,000 in ads against Alexi Giannoulias, D.
  • CO-SEN: $724,000 in ads against Sen. Michael Bennet, D.
  • FL-SEN (open, LeMieux): $247,000 in mailers to support Marco Rubio, R.
  • KY-SEN (open, Bunning): $215,000 in ads against Jack Conway, D

Ben Smith writes at Politico:

Claire McCaskill, debating the Disclose Act on the Senate floor, asked of the new Republican groups like Crossroads GPS:

"How many people think these organizations will be around after November? Really? How naïve are you?”

... The group's communications director, Jonathan Collegio, emails that McCaskill's comment was "kind of amusing" and sends on an image of an ad he says will run tomorrow in POLITICO and Roll Call, pressing the opposition to letting the Bush tax cuts expire.

That is, he says, the first piece of a seven-part legislative push "which we plan to engage thoroughly in the lame duck session and throughout 2011 and beyond."

"As we’ve said everywhere, we plan to be around for a long, long time. McKaskill’s audience must be pretty naïve indeed," said Collegio.