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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

CA: A Very Expensive Primary Win

The Sacramento Bee reports:

The nearly $100 million price tag on Republican gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman's primary win breaks down as the second-highest spending per primary vote by a largely self-funded gubernatorial candidate, according to an analysis released today by The Fair Political Practices Commission. ...

Here are the self-funded candidates who spent the most per vote. Just Whitman and Bill Simon won their primary contests:

1. Al Checchi $70.21 (1998 Democratic gubernatorial primary)

2. Meg Whitman $65.29 (2010 Republican gubernatorial primary)

3. Steve Westly $45.29 (2006 Democratic gubernatorial primary

4. Steve Poizner $43.64 (2010 Republican gubernatorial primary)

5. Jane Harman $29.59 (1998 Democratic gubernatorial primary)

6. Bill Simon $17.31 (2002 Republican gubernatorial primary)

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