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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Friday, April 13, 2012

Santorum's Exit

At CBS, Rebecca Kaplan reports on the real reasons behind Santorum's exit:
When Rick Santorum ended his presidential bid on Tuesday, he spoke about the illness of his three-year-old daughter, Bella, and expressed a desire to spend more time with her as a parent. But on Thursday, the former Pennsylvania senator suggested the decision largely came down instead to a simple reality: He was out of cold, hard cash.

After losing Wisconsin's April 3 primary to rival Mitt Romney by seven points - a contest, Santorum said, that his campaign viewed as necessary to win in order to do well in his home state of Pennsylvania - his fundraising dried up.

"For the first time the campaign had a debt, the debt was from my perspective a little bit more substantial than I was comfortable with. And I'll be honest with you, Tony, in the last week after Wisconsin we basically raised almost no money," Santorum told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins in a radio interview, his first since announcing he was ending his bid. "We had solicitations going out and people were just emailing back saying the race is over and you gotta join the crew and there were others who would say not but it was a very, very small trickle of funds that were coming in."
Santorum had also been hoping that Gingrich would withdraw and that Pennsylvania would go his way.  But Newt stayed in and polls showed that the state was trending to Romney.

Though Santorum will get with the team, BuzzFeed saved his toughest anti-Romney ads.