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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shocker: The Donald Doesn't Like Mockery of Celebrity

A previous post featured the American Crossroads "Celebrity" ad.  Justin Sink reports at The Hill that Donald Trump is displeased:
Donald Trump on Friday slammed a new commercial from American Crossroads, saying the ad's suggestion that President Obama was the "biggest celebrity in the world" would actually help the president. 
“I thought it was one of the worst commercials, in terms of what they were trying to do, that I’ve ever seen,” Trump told MSNBC. “They are making Obama look great. They are making him look like that’s the man we want to be president. I looked at that clip very closely, and actually, I couldn’t believe it.”
Earlier in the morning, advertising executive Donny Deutsch told the "Morning Joe" panel that the ad turned Obama's celebrity against him effectively. But Trump vehemently disagreed, and called in to rebut that sentiment.
“I heard him talking favorably about the ad that was put out essentially by the Republicans, and I thought it was a terrible ad. It made Obama bigger than life. It made him to be the super-celebrity, which I don’t happen to think he is,” Trump said.