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Divided We Stand

Divided We Stand
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Romney Campaign on Twitter

The Romney campaign has used Twitter to react to the dog story, as well as Hillary Rosen's disparagement of Ann Romney, among other things.  Zeke Miller writes at Buzzfeed:

Senior Obama campaign officials questioned the strategy, and said it reinforced the view among reporters that the Romney campaign is not ready for the big leagues of messaging to the broader electorate.
But capturing the inside conversation has always been a central goal of political campaigns. And the Romney campaign argues that the digital efforts yield quantifiable results — Twitter links further clicks to the campaign’s web videos and website by a significant multiple, and the narratives they push enters into the political conversation.
“Twitter is as it happens, and Facebook is the next day, and you optimize everything else for Google the day after,” said a senior aide. [emphasis added]
The Romney campaign went so far as to create a Twitter presence for Beth Myers, the long-time Romney adviser who will be leading the search for his running-mate — a job whose major requirement is discretion.